Free yourself with your personal QR code.

All it takes is 3 simple steps.
Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. Prove us wrong. We dare you.

Make make-qr

Simply select where & when you need access to.

You can do this with any company's software or devices that integrate with QuiAccess systems.

Send send

Great, you’ve outlined what you need. Wasn’t that easy?
Now you’ll receive your personalized code by mail, paper printout or SMS.

You won’t need internet, or even an app download.
Print it on paper, keep things old-school.
Or store it on a tablet or smartphone.

Use use

Look at you! You’re nearly done.
Now for the final step - use your code to unlock doors or pay for stuff.

Start having fun!

Got a cool idea for new ways to use your QR code?
We’ll do whatever it takes to bring your dream to life.

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