QR code. Reinvented.

Security has always been a top priority, but in today’s technology-crazed world, shouldn’t you take a higher role in not only your own, but the security of your customers? QuiAccess has the solution for you with a specialised scanner system, patented by the QuiAccess customized QR code encryption.

Whether it’s kiosks, payment terminals, or security for your doors, parking garages and virtually everywhere else, QuiAccess is the only option in top-notch, next-level security that won’t fail you.

Manufactured in Belgium

We assemble and ship from Belgium.

Innovative electronic design

We spend a lot off resources in designing the Electronics.

Designed in Belgium

Made to fit as many situations as possible.

QR code

Other barcode types at request.

Surface mounted barcode reader

The QuiAccess surface mounted barcode reader is the perfect indoor and outdoor reader to read QR codes from smartphone displays, tickets, card or print-at-home tickets.

QuiAccess Surface Mounted Barcode Reader

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